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Chongqing: For the popularity of motorcycles here, there is even the reputation of the motorcycle ca
At present, many cities in China have already imposed bans, especially in some first-tier cities, and basically no motorcycles exist. There are only a few small places where you can still see motorcycles. The most transportation on the city roads, except for cars, is electric cars. Compared with motorcycles, electric vehicles do not emit polluted exhaust gas, and the noise is relatively small, but it has the characteristics of simple and convenient motorcycle, which can be said to be a practical vehicle.
In many cities in China, where the prohibition of motorcycles is imposed, there is a city that has not imposed a ban on motorcycles, motorcycles on the streets, and even the title of “Motorcycle Capital”. According to statistics, the number of motorcycles in the city has exceeded one million. It can be said that you can see motorcycles on the streets running through the streets. In the case that so many cities around the city have banned motorcycles, why is this city different from other cities? In fact, it is mainly the influence of the road here.
This city is a famous mountain city in Chongqing. People who know Chongqing should know that the terrain of the entire city of Chongqing is mountainous, so the roads in the city are also very complicated. In such a complicated terrain, if all cars are used, I believe that it will bring a lot of trouble to the traffic, making people's travel more unfavorable. After all, in some places where the road is narrow, the car can't walk normally. And because of the terrain relationship in Chongqing, there are quite a few places where cars can't pass normally. And if a city is all cars, the pressure on the road is also very large, traffic jams will become commonplace, seriously affecting the development pace of the entire city.
Some people may say that the car can't pass, isn't there an electric car? However, people who have been riding electric vehicles know that electric vehicles are a good means of transportation in places where roads are flat. However, in mountainous areas like Chongqing, the power of electric vehicles is obviously insufficient. In many cases, it is difficult to climb uphill. Moreover, if the electric vehicle is forced to go uphill, it will cause great damage to the battery. Therefore, comprehensive consideration is that motorcycles are more suitable for crawling on such mountains.
In addition, Chongqing is also an important motorcycle producing area in China. Although many cities in China have banned motorcycles, China's motorcycle manufacturing industry has not stopped, and even the annual export volume is a huge number. The export volume of Chongqing is also very large, accounting for 30% of China's exports. Probably because Chongqing is a large city that produces motorcycles. If it is also banned, it will be a bit unreasonable. Therefore, the people of Chongqing can use motorcycles with peace of mind.。
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