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Market trend after the implementation of motorcycle national IV emission standards
Emission standards have an impact on the development of the motorcycle industry, but it is only one of the factors. The factors affecting the development of the motorcycle industry are economic development, improvement of living and consumption levels, traffic conditions, geographical environment, climate and other factors. Therefore, we will explore the development trend of the future motorcycle market. It is only to divide the time point of implementation of the national IV emission standard as a node. It is not excessively exaggerating the influence of emission standards on motorcycles.
Before January 1, 2003, it was the start and development stage of China's motorcycle industry, and it was also the stage of non-emission standard. During this period of time, the Chinese motorcycle industry started from the beginning and created the glory of the military-to-civilian enterprise. The motorcycle brand-name enterprises are almost all military-to-civilian, light riding, Jialing, construction, Hongdu, the South, etc., the rigidity of the operating mechanism, the market hunger and thirst demand, making it difficult for these enterprises to adapt to changes in the market and regulations, when 2003 After the official implementation of the National Emission Standard on January 1, the brands that used to rely mainly on two-stroke motorcycles were inundated, and the two major brands in Hongdu were the way to the end. At that time, Jialing, which was mainly driven by Jialing 70, was not greatly affected. Instead, it became the king of Chinese motorcycles.
Beginning on July 1, 2005, the motorcycle industry entered the era of national second emissions. During this period, with the blowout of Chinese motorcycle consumption, the growth of China's motorcycle industry exports reached the peak of China's motorcycle industry output in 2008.
Since July 1, 2010, the Chinese motorcycle industry has entered the era of the third year of the country. With the increase of costs, the emissions of industrial cottage enterprises, the rise of joint venture brands, all domestic brands are very hurt, and the domestic market has entered the era of joint venture brands.
On July 1, 2018, the Chinese motorcycle industry will enter the EFI era. Within the next five years, the Chinese motorcycle market will complete the complete transformation of the tool car market to the toy car market, and the cheap era of large-scale production of the motorcycle industry. It will be completely over, and it is hoped that enterprises that fight cheap wars and fake wars will end the road. If joint venture brands adhere to conservative strategies, they will also face market abandonment.
2020-2025 is the main time for Platinum's only child to grow into consumption. The characteristics of individualization, multi-channel selection, and popularization of urbanization have made the motorcycle market more prosperous, characterized, and niche. Enterprises or businesses that are so good to sell models that they never forget to sit in the factory (or shop) will be completely eliminated.
Regardless of whether the motorcycle market is gradually shrinking or the strong return, the second spring is not related to the emission standards, but has a greater relationship with the prohibition and restriction policy, urban traffic management, and national economic restructuring. Without the prohibition and restriction policy of more than 200 cities, the products of the motorcycle industry have long been more prosperous, urban traffic management can not keep up, urban congestion is serious, and the reasonable guidance of motorcycle travel, the demand for motorcycles will increase. China’s economic structure is unbalanced, and the real estate economy has kidnapped the main body of the market economy, causing all kinds of consumption to be squeezed by mortgages. This situation does not improve, and motorcycle consumption is unlikely to improve.
Perhaps, 2025 - we will welcome the arrival of motorcycle V emissions, but the trend is always: technology makes life better, we still have confidence in the future!
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